Greater Phoenix InBusiness Magazine: Feedback with Pucci Salon Owner, Deb Capaldi

Each month Greater Phoenix InBusiness Magazine asks local Phoenix-area business leaders to answer a question for their "Feedback" section. For the October 2016 issue, the following question was posed to our favorite salon owner:

Stress has a tremendous impact on a person’s well-being. How do you address workplace stress among your employees?

Here's what Deb Capaldi had to say:

During particularly stressful times — such as when a stylist is running behind schedule or two clients are waiting — that’s when I’m hands-on. I’m at our salon every day to help and show support to everyone.
Interacting with and listening to my employees is an essential part of my daily routine. I keep a hanging punching bag in my office. We call it “the stress reliever.” If anyone is feeling overwhelmed, I encourage taking a whack at the bag to let it all out. When the blood and oxygen begin moving around, relief sets in. It’s amazing what a little breathing will do.
As part of our continuing education, we bring in motivational speakers. Our last guest was author Sara Regester,  R.N., who wrote about ways to de-stress and uncover the underlying lifestyle patterns that open the door to health problems related to stressful living.
I try to turn stress into success. It starts at the top. I have to have balance and harmony in my own personal life to project this energy successfully to all my employees.
Twenty-five years later we’re still here and thriving!
- Deb Capaldi

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