Founded in 1991


Debora Gallo-Capaldi

Skin Care Specialist, Makeup Artist and BusinessWomAn


About Us

Now celebrating 25+ years of doing business in the Valley, Pucci Salon is renowned as a leader among salons and spas in Scottsdale. We've been ranked in the top 200 salons in the country by Salon Today magazine, and have been named one of the top salons by Arizona Spa GirlsThe Phoenix Business JournalElle and InStyle.

Whether it’s a subtle change, a dramatic makeover, or a classic style, all can be experienced in a friendly and creative atmosphere, where everyone knows your name and is glad you came.


  Paco Lechner                                              Hair Stylist/Manager

  30 Years Experience

  Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Joanne Herro                                            Front Desk

Certified Makeup Artist 

 Adilson Pascui                                            Hair Stylist & Certified Master Colorist

 35 Years Experience 

 Words to live by: "When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"

 Carmela Bellini                                              Colorist Only

 23 Years Experience

 Born in: Montreal

 Genevieve Forkenbrock                    Hairstylist

 9 Years Experiance

Best Day: " The day Paco lets me chop his hair!"

 Eric Leyvas                                              Hair Stylist

 18 Years Experience

 Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

  Janina Pajic                                             Hair Stylist

  35 Years Experience 

  Born in: Poland 

Lauren Capaldi                                         Hair Stylist

23 Years Experience

Hometown: Providence, RI

  Lynn Ditty                                               Hair Stylist


Masae Woodmansee                                 Hair Stylist

11 Years Experience 

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Roscoe Nichols                                         Hair Stylist

20+ Years Experience

"I love all the days leading up to Christmas each year, everyone is in such great spirits, they are the best"

Arturo Encinas                                           Nail Artist

20 Years Experience 

Hometown: Ajo, Arizona

Micki Georgevich                                     Assistant Stylist

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Assistant to Adilson, Gregg & Tracy 

Krystle Maher
Experience Coordinator

12 Years of Beauty Industry Management

"Beauty is about expression & what that means to you"

Brad Baker                                               Hair Stylist

8 Years Experience

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ 

 Dennis Yager                                            Hair Stylist

30 Year Experience 

Bridal Team Member*

  Gregg Byfield                                           Hair Stylist-Retired 

35 Years Experience

Hometown: Kansas City

Joyce Haniman                                         Hair Stylist

38 Years Experience 

Hometown: Chicago, IL

  Leah Wessel                                             Hair Stylist

  4 Years Experience 

  Represents Pucci Monthly at the Crisis Nursery             providing haircuts for the children

Mateo Skow                                             Hair Stylist

5 Years Experience

Specializing in Cutting/Color & Straightening Treatments

Molly Dippre                                                   Hair Stylist 

8 Years experiance

Hometown: Scottsdale

"Loves Fashion Color"/Bridal Team*

 Toni Nelson                                              Hair Stylist

 27 Years Experience

 Continues education abroad 2 times a year

 Regina Baybik                                          Nail Artist

 25 Years Experience

Natural Nail & Pedicure Specialist 

Violette Zachwieja                             

Nail Artist

20 Years Experience

Hometown: Warsaw, Poland

Jade Mcelroy                                            Assistant Stylist

Best Day at Work:"The first day I got to meet everyone at Pucci!"

 Marin Acevedo                                      Salon Coordinator

10 Years of Beauty Industry Customer Service


 Brayelle Heidel                                      

Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist  

6 Years Experience

Bridal Team Member*

  Donna Sapanaro                                       Hair Stylist

 20 Years Experiece

 Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

 Janna Kalish                                            Hair Stylist

 15 Years Experience

 Born in: Russia

 Kara Dawson                                            Hair Stylist

 6 Years Experience 

Enjoys Balayage/ Bridal Team*

Leigh Young                                               Hair Stylist

Experience: Less than Vidal Sassoon and more than Johnathan Anton

Meaghen Gingrich                                         Hair Stylist

20 Years Experience 

Extension Specialist

Tracy Blanchard                                       Hair Stylist

15 Years Experience

Hometown: San Diego ,CA

Nelly Pullaro                                           Esthetician

Experience: Too Many Years to Count

Hometown:Verdun, France

Gigi Molom                                               Nail Artist

10 Years Experience 

Born in: Mongolia 

Positions Available 


Nail Specialist

Makeup Artist

Pucci Salon has been a cut above for over 25 years. Maintaining this reputation is in the hands of our talented staff. We are continuously looking to grow and become better for our clients.



  • Licensed 
  • Experienced
  • Dedicated

Stylist Intern

Front Desk Specialist


Stylist Assistants are the future of Pucci. We are looking for passionate junior stylist(s) whom of which are looking to further their knowledge behind the chair.

Salon Coordinators keep the salon on schedule and accommodate all clientele. In an effort to provide our clients with the best service our front desk must be knowledgeable, energetic and willing to go above an beyond.

Model Pucci Salon is always looking for models to continue stylist education in salon and on location.  


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